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Why Choose a Washing Machine with a High Spin Speed?

A washing machine that washes clothes well is already not wrong.

But a washing machine that also saves on drying is even better.

It is therefore necessary to choose a washing machine with a high spin speed.

Yes, but what is a high spin speed?

How to

It's at least 1,200 rpm .

Some washing machines even go up to 1,400 rpm .

You can easily find this information on the label of the washing machine or in the product characteristics on the Internet.

A washing machine that spins the laundry well is a good tip to do without a dryer that consumes a lot of energy.

Of course, the best is to use a simple drying rack which does not consume any energy.

And if your washing machine makes too much noise when spinning, try this effective trick.

Savings achieved

A washing machine with a high spin speed , this saves of electricity either by avoiding the use of a dryer or by reducing the drying time.

Because drying is far from economical! A tumble dryer consumes twice as much electricity as a washing machine!

A dryer represents 15% of a household's electricity consumption (not including heating and hot water) and consumes more than 500 kWh per year!

With a good spinning of the washing machine , you can easily lower the consumption of the dryer to 300 kWh.

And if you do without a dryer, you save almost 60 euros per year in electricity alone.