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Baby clothes that are too small:Sell them to buy them back!

For our eldest daughter, we were in the stores every week to buy her the latest fashionable item of clothing to set her apart from other babies. But after 6 months we had a wardrobe full of 3 month old clothes that had become too small.

Doing the math, we had more outdated clothes in that closet than useful clothes. But what to do with all those clothes that pile up and become useless in a few weeks. Simple, we part with it...!

Clothing Exchange:Buy...

We can avoid spending considerable sums on things that are only used for a few weeks or a few months:by favoring clothing exchanges or stores specializing in the recovery of clothes.

And Sell!

The clothing exchange is a simple way to get rid of a lot of clothes that have become obsolete. With in addition, this impression of doing a favor to those who buy them by the low cost of these clothes.

Stores specializing in trade-in clothing have another advantage. You can exchange the clothes you bring with other clothes in your child's size. With this trick, no more expensive shopping in the store and since your child will only wear them for a few weeks whether they are new or not.

And you, what do you do with your babies' clothes that are too small? Share your experiences in the comments.

Savings Achieved

The calculation is quite easy to do. A garment purchased for €10 can be resold on a clothing exchange for between €2 and €4 depending on the brand or style of the garment.

In stores specializing in trade-in or exchange, you can come with your 3 or 6 month old clothes and leave with an almost equivalent quantity of clothes in 9 or 12 months. Either a starting investment that lasts and allows you to dress your child for several periods.

If you are planning to have another child, it is useful to sort out unisex clothing (pattern and color other than pink or blue) such as pajamas, T-shirts, bodysuits, pants.

You put them in a reinforced garbage bag and store it. When the second child arrives, whether it's a boy or a girl, you already have, depending on the different ages, a series of clothes whose origin you know.

And frankly, a 3-month-old baby boy with pajamas that look a little girly… no one really cares, as long as he's warm. Of course, there are also donations to the Red Cross or other charities to donate clothes that will be used for underprivileged children.