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What To Do With Plastic Bags Of Fruits And Vegetables From The Supermarket? 6 Recovery Tips

Supermarket produce bags can be used in so many ways different.

Here are 6 that we use every day so that we don't have to buy more bags and avoid wasting plastic bags for nothing.

It's economical, ecological and you don't get tricked by supermarkets which even make us pay for the bags to take away our already overpriced groceries.

1. Free Shopping Bags

If you do small errands and you don't have your shopping bag with you, this tip will save you from buying plastic bags at the checkout.

Under the ecological pretext, the stores take advantage of this to charge us an extra 20 cents for a poor plastic bag. Don't be fooled and fill your fruit and vegetable bags directly.

I do it very often and on principle I am very happy not to pay for plastic bags and not to consume them for nothing too.

Once at home, these bags can be used for many things.

2.Very Practical Garbage Bags for the Kitchen

If you have a small trash can in your kitchen, plastic bags can be more practical than large trash bags that you don't fill completely.

3. Perfect trash bags for the bathroom and toilet

For your bathroom trash can, feel free to use them. Their size is perfect and it will allow you to keep your bathroom trash can clean.

4. For Baby Diapers

To keep your trash can from spreading a foul smell, put baby diapers in these vegetable bags and seal them. If you're going to a friend's house, take some in your purse so you don't infest their trash.

5. For your Dog's Walk

To pick up pickerel excrement, this bag is very practical and free. You can also use sandwich bread bags, brioche bags or any packaging bag of this type.

6. For garage sales

When you go to a garage sale, these bags are very practical to put in what you have bought because day traders rarely have bags to pass on to you.

Moreover, if you sell at a garage sale, use these fruit and vegetable bags so that your customers can take their purchases away more easily.

Discover 2 other tips for shopping without paying for bags at the supermarket:

• If you plan to do your shopping, bring your own bags.

• 3 types of bags so you no longer have to pay for them at the supermarket.

And here's a Little Tip for carrying your shopping bags without hurting your hands.

Now you know all of our ways to recycle those fruit and veg bags. And you, how do you recycle these bags? Share your tips for reusing these free bags in the comments.