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Repair your iPhone or buy one? Our advice to decide.

Repair your iPhone or buy one? Our advice to decide.

When your TV, iPhone or fridge breaks down, what to do? Discover our advice on whether to buy or repair.

After one year of use, most of the devices we use are out of warranty.

What to do when they break down after this fateful date?

Repairing can cost more than buying back... Before rushing headlong, a little price comparison is in order.

We did the test on iPhones and iPods, but not only. We also learned about household appliances... Follow the guide.

Savings Achieved

When his iPod no longer wants to play music, the comparison is quickly made.

A repair at Apple costs at least €130 for an iPod nano and can go up to €260 for an iPod touch. When purchased, the Nano is sold for €169 and the iPod touch for €239. Everything is therefore done so that we redeem...

When his fridge is in snowmelt mode, same question.

For household appliances such as fridges and dishwashers, the price of new equipment fluctuates between 250 to 350 €, but the repair is usually done on time. The best way to know what is the most interesting is to ask for a quote from several brands such as Darty or Boulanger.

Regarding small household appliances, the question does not arise. At €60 for a new microwave, no repair price can be matched.