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The best children's shoes for growing feet

Children need good shoes, because growing feet need the best support. Of course you don't want your little one to suffer from his feet. Did you know that poor children's foot problems can haunt you for the rest of your life? Brrr, what a nightmare! Discover which shoes are good and what you should pay attention to when buying children's shoes.

Sturdy heel and flexible sole
Children's feet are vulnerable. That is why you buy shoes with a firm heel. This keeps the foot in place and ensures that the foot does not slide in the shoe. A flexible sole helps with a good transition of the foot. Shoes that are sturdy, yet flexible. The perfect combination for growing feet. You must have such children's shoes!

Real leather shoes
Let those feet breathe. This is important. Leather lets sweat escape from infancy. If moisture remains in the children's shoes, foot problems can arise. For example, blisters and sweaty feet. Of course, nobody wants a crying child with sore feet. So choose genuine leather shoes. Canvas shoes can also work well, because they easily release excess heat to the environment.

Wobbling those toes! Your child's feet are growing like weeds. Sometimes they get a size bigger in half a year. That is why it is very important that you buy children's shoes in which your child has enough space. Can he wiggle his toes and is there about an inch of space for the toes? Then the shoes are perfect. Plenty of room to grow! Make sure that your child always fits the shoes properly, so that you can be sure that the shoes do not hurt.

How do you know which shoes to wear?
Well, of course you are not going to manually test which shoes have a firm heel and flexible sole. Shoe store Scapino makes it easy for you. Children's shoes with the Dr. Visser quality mark meet the quality requirements. dr. Visser is an orthopedist who tests the shoes himself. So you can be sure that you are shopping for good shoes. Looking for new kids sneakers? Take a look at the webshop and find your favorite pair.

Get advice about children's shoes at Scapino
Not only does Scapino's range of children's shoes get praise, the advice you get in the shops is always good too. The sellers measure your child's feet, so that you know exactly which size you should have. Your child can then try on his favorite shoes. The seller feels whether there is enough space and whether the shoes have the right fit. He watches how your child walks on it and immediately sees if something is not right. This way you can be sure that you will come home with good shoes!