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Savings:Why You Should Price Products on a Shopping List.

Savings:Why You Should Price Products on a Shopping List.

Want to save money while shopping?

It's true that shopping for a family is very expensive!

Fortunately, there is a simple trick to shopping without breaking the bank.

The best trick to have a shopping list food very effective is to note the price of the products on your shopping list or on a separate paper.

Savings:Why You Should Price Products on a Shopping List.

How to

1. Make your usual shopping list.

2. Do your shopping and keep the receipt.

3. Record the price of each food purchased on your shopping list.


There you go, now you know exactly how much each thing you buy costs.

This trick allows you to check and compare the price products purchased each time you shop.

Why you save money

- You won't be fooled by so-called promos anymore!

- You have a precise idea of ​​what each product costs you. You will see that you will give up buying some things that are not essential because of their exorbitant price!

- You will be able to know if the prices are increasing or not and thus adapt the quantity of products purchased.

- You only buy the products that are on your list. No more temptations!

- Gradually, you will save time and better control your shopping budget.

Bonus tip

Next to the product prices, also indicate on this shopping list where you purchased the product in question.

So you can see in which store are the cheapest products. And above all, as you have tested the food at home, you will know if it is of quality.

We often consume the same products for taste. Once your happiness has been found, you can write them down on a word processor and then print it.

To save even more, don't forget to take back your already purchased bags.

Savings achieved

It's stupid but to save effectively on big expenses like shopping , you have to know how to be smart and stingy otherwise you won't get out of it.

With a shopping list where you note the price history of the products and the name of the supermarket, you can compare easily the evolution of product prices in a store.

Of course, this method is also an opportunity to compare prices between different supermarkets.

This trick requires a good organization but its effectiveness is formidable!

Your turn...

Have you tried this grandma's trick to save on groceries? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!