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My Old T-shirt Turns into a Super Vest in 5 min.

My Old T-shirt Turns into a Super Vest in 5 min.

Don't throw away your old T-shirts. Make it a super trendy cardigan in 5 min. Follow me, I'll show you how.

The old T-shirts of your boyfriend or your husband, you don't know what to do with them? Not all of them are good for wiping car windows or bumpers. These T-shirts have an old story, they can be recycled and have a second life:they are reincarnated as a fashion vest !

T-shirts like that, I have them in all colors. They pile up in the cupboard because we all say to ourselves:"it's going to be useful for something...I'll keep it just in case.". And we are right to think so, now that we know what to do with it!

An Old Super Large T-shirt

First, we choose the t-shirt. This is the only step in which your darling intervenes. Yes, he is the one who gives his old things to dress the lady, the rest we take care of. Preferably take the largest T-shirt from his closet. It doesn't matter how good the T-shirt is. And if it has the right color, it's perfect!

We cut, we cut, we cut

The second step is cutting. Lay your old T-shirt flat on a table to see where to cut.

1. We cut the sleeves following the trace of the seams . When done, it gives a kind of tank top.

2. We continue the cutting by cutting the sides of the T-shirt, all the way through the seam. There, it gives a sort of poncho, sleeveless, open on both sides.

3. Final step, we cut the collar of the T-shirt in a semicircle. Here, I advise you to cut a little further than the seams to enlarge the opening. I cut about 5 cm from the base of the collar and I am the direction of the natural carving of it.

An Old T-shirt? A Super Vest, Rather!

Your t-shirt is ready to become a great vest. For that, you have to go through it the right way to understand.

Open your cut-out t-shirt. You thus obtain 2 symmetrical pieces.

The idea is to take it by the circle you cut out (so the old t-shirt collar). It's about taking your t-shirt inside out.

You pass your head through the circle, and then you pass the part around your neck behind your neck. To get a clearer idea of ​​the rendering, you can see the result on video, or on the associated blog which shows talking photos.

You get an asymmetrical cardigan with 2 long, flowing pieces on the sides. Behind, there is therefore a bare back, it is the famous collar of your old t-shirt. That's it!

No need to go buy it in store, it's free and there's nothing more personal. No one will have the same, I'm sure! Don't hesitate to customize your old t-shirts, even the wackiest ones, it can give really nice and very original vests! Good cutouts girls.

Would you like to create a vest with your husband's old things? Tell me in the comments, I want to read your fresh reactions.